The Merovingian's Chateau is the home of the powerful and deadly program called the Merovingian. Every area in the chateau is controlled by the Merovingian and most areas can only be accessed by the Merovingian himself and those he chooses to come with him. The chateau is full of tunnels, halls, corridors, rooms, etc. The chateau never ends, it just keeps on going because of the Merovingian. Only five areas of the chateau can be accessed by other factions, as they have corrupted data within them. It is one of the three Zones, the other two being MegaCity and Far East Asia. Most of the areas in the chateau are floating in midair, a strategy made by the Merovingian to make things a lot harder.

Areas in the Merovingian's ChateauEdit


The Bathroom is quite pleasant compared to those within MegaCity and Far East Asia. However, it isn't all as it seems. The Bathroom is guarded by Insectoids, who can access the area quite easily because of their abilities. The Bathroom is mostly accessible to Smiths and Agents.