Agent Smith was an Agent/Exile that was active in the Matrix, a sentinel whose mission is thought to have been to guard the Matrix from people like Morpheus and his crew. He had planned to completely take over the Matrix and take over the real world, possibly destroying both humans and Machines. His origins are unknown but there have been new discoveries, saying that his father was an Agent called Ahriman, thought to have lived in a previous version of the Matrix.

He is the ultimate nemesis of Neo. As the Oracle says to Neo:

"He is you and you are him. He is your nemesis"

From which scholars conclude that Agent Smith was like a clone of Neo. Nobody knows much about Neo's origins but some say that both of them were created from the same genetic program, but their phenotype was changed to make them different, so none of the two would know about his clone. If they are clones, we can call them brothers. Nobody knew what would have happened if Smith killed Neo, but luckily he was ultimately destroyed by Neo.


Smith had many powers as he had the ability to make a clone of himself from the body of a helpless victim. His most notable ones were:

  • Flight
  • Numerous fighting styles, including Taekwondo, Kung Fu and Judo
  • The ability to clone himself
  • Being able to destroy Agents with a touch
  • Being able to form a giant monster out of his clones and debris